Q. What should I buy?

A. Most parents find that choosing 5 tops and 3 bottoms is enough for a wash week.

Q. What size is my child?

A.See our convenient sizing charts or call us at 800-960-2468

Q. Why should I buy ABC uniforms?

A. Parents have found ABC kids pants, shorts, jumpers, and skorts to be of a superior quality for a discounted price.

Q. Can I get the jacket without a logo?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you have slim or husky?

A. Yes, slim and husky sizes are available through special orders.

Q. Can I my child’s name embroidered on your product?

A. No. Only the school logo is available for embroidery.

Q. Do you have a store location?

A. No, we are able to keep our prices low by offering you 24-hour access through our on-line store and on-site school sales with delivery to your school campus at no additional cost.

Q. Do you carry adult long sleeved polos?

A. No, our manufacturer does not carry adult sized long sleeved polos as most kids that age do not like long sleeves.

Q. Are these the only colors for my school?

A. Yes, with the exception of Simi Valley, which has black bottoms.

Q. Can I give you my own polos bought somewhere else to embroider?

A. No, we do not have an embroidery facility. All of our polos come embroidered to us direct from the manufacturer.